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Kang Chul and Yeon Joo are the story tellers of W at the background and therefore W should be the story they make together..for Kang Chul memory loss thing..? the plot is brilliant and the chemistry of the lead characters is superb! Big thanks to the production team and the actors who made this possible!

He actually died from falling off the building..(and that is to call the killer back to W world)..Yeon Joo give him life back and as he resquested no memories of her.the two world cannot be attached.Oh Yeon Joo also died from the villain gunshots but her father revive her..they both meeting life and death...by Kang Chul becoming attach to her again without his memory of her just mean no matter what how many life times changes he is made for her..actually spicen up the romance..it goes with the storyline because the love story was the main point from the start..the story tellers are the OTP..drama is a fantasy theme and many messages are told with metaphors....if you cannot connect with the story ...please don't say it is messed up ..is not.. I describe this series as mind-boggling, exciting and thrilling.

The acting is phenomenal, and the characters are loveable. One of those shows where each frame/scene is beautifully mounted and dialogues carry great emotional weight. Lee Jong Suk is playing a manga character and does it fabulously. The chemistry between Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk is totally the best. In the end, for me this drama is by far is the best drama, but It can't get much notice by people because 2016 is considered as the best K-drama year. It's so uniquely made and has such an original concept that It's hard to forget. I read several news that they actually thought about that. there's a lot of loophole and variables with the last episode like: what happen with tablet in the cartoon? I was just wondering if anyone knows one of the music played in the drama. the first scene that was played is when he tried to jump from Han River. The starting 10 episodes were like 10/10 rating but after 10 everything got clumsy and messed up like it dragged the ratings to 6/10.

Good stuff throughout-Han Hyo Joo is sensational here and the performance she has delivered here is so nuanced and beautiful, I can keep watching the series for her scenes alone. I found the latter half of the show angst filled but very strong emotionally. Even the OST esp the instrumental themes are superb. One another thing that makes this drama is great is that this drama equate the female lead and male lead's position, no one is more shined towards other or the focus is about them not one of them. Such as: Do the readers understood the storyline after all what happened? It makes you ask questions (as well as dream of the perfectly characterised Kang Chul... Or doing anything in general.) I tried to stay away from it, since I am not usually an avid fan of supernatural of fictional series, but I sincerely regret that now. There will be so many new variables that can add in the new sequel if they make it.. The chemistry between both main lead is just wonderful. Looking at the start i expected a lot bt not satisfied.

Sure, you can be easely lost because the story need you to think if you want to fully understand, but in other way, action and twists come too quick for letting you enough time to think or just breath.

Sometimes if you miss a sentence or some details, it's over. It's the kind of album you can listen for itself, like Ennio Morricone "Once upon a time the revolution", or Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi' Death Note.

The ambition aimed by this show should be a benchmark even for top notch filmmakers. I have given a review before, but I would like to do it properly now. The story is original and it has a great storyline. Sometimes it is Oh Yeon Joo episode (it means Oh Yeon Joo is the main focus of the episode) sometimes it is Kang Chul episode and sometimes it is their episode (like episode 7). I mean the genre of the webtoon turned from heroic action to fantasy, but in the end the explaination implied that they understood it. believe me: there's nothing more spectacular and addictive than Lee Jong-Suk smiling. Best actors, best chemistry, an amazingly well written script that accompanies a plot that will keep you on your toes for the whole time, as well as the overall great directing will certainly make you a fan of W right from episode 1. But still as usual lee jong suk did a great job and he looked smart. Well I see you did not get that the the scene that the henchman killed the bad guy thing was the plot that Soo Bong was telling Yeon Joo on the phone that her dad and he are planing for the final...

There are a lot of plot twist and unpredictable scene. It's fast paced but certainly not overwhelming and I find it hard to penalize this K-Drama for the minor plot holes that are only made overdramatic by the comments you find on this website. LOL..did not really happen..also...after that Oh Yeon Joo had appointment with Kang Chul at cafe ...the way she was imagining about the her dad gaining his face back and had meal with Chul, Soo Bong and Yeon Joo..

I truly fell for Lee Jong Suk, so much that I bought a poster of him and stuck it up in my room, haha.

Also, musicians gave the best the could give (I listened others OST they made, and it look like they put all best into W). Here too, it's for more than what you usualy get into a kdrama. Filipino fans are dying that this tv series will have part 2.

We are encouraging the writer to write for Part 2 . Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo you are the best couple ever..???? Since then, we've seen many other Kdramas - a few very good ones like Goblin - where the actors deserve tremendous credit for pulling off what would otherwise be the typical flawed character story with some twists - into something special.

The concept of the whole k-drama is very unique, and the writer did a good job making a storyline to go with it.

Every episode got more intense than the one before, and I was left breathless. It has action, humor, romance, life lessons and more. I had dropped this show once in the mid way as the proceedings became too much to process. I think this show should be seen 1-2 episodes at a time and not marathoned as each episode contains a huge amount of info/events which you would otherwise miss/not appreciate. I have to say, this K-Drama had a serious impact on me. highly recommend to watch although it will confuse you, to the point you can't even tell what's real and what's not. the story keeps on going because the villain no longer exist. is this really a drama or was it all just a illusion. The last couple of episodes were messed up and decreased my rating of the drama. The chemistry between Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo is perfect! This drama is kind of unique but not upto what is expected.

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