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(On top of everything, the show even got a loving tribute in “Dear White People.”) As a way into understanding the roots of Hollywood horror movies, Longworth tracked the careers of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, taking them from Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster all the way through the projects where their paths intersected.

Simmering beneath Lugosi and Karloff’s stories are relevant underpinnings in the industry of today, including the quick cash-grab mentality of franchises and the ever-present tendency to typecast.

But as a thoughtful speculative exercise, Rose Eveleth (who also produced “A Queen of Sorts,” one of the standout installments in ESPN’s new “30 for 30” series) investigates what might happen decades down the road if California were to separate from the US or divide itself up.

A thorough examination of how changing statehood would have dramatic effects on so many other areas of life, it’s an example of how “Flash Forward” takes a distinctive big picture view of the big ideas on the horizon. READ MORE: 13 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes from February 2017 Laurie Metcalf is in the middle of a much-deserved award season run, but on top of her fantastic turn in “Lady Bird,” she’s just as wonderful in audio form as one of the three leads of this live-read of a pilot that never made it to series.

Along with Samantha Mc Intyre’s “Rollerworld,” these are two of the funniest TV episodes of the year, even though half of each exists only in the listener’s imagination.

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