Who is tila tequila dating now 2016

Tequila has decided that she wants to throw her hat in the race for craziest racist and modern day Nazi sympathizer. She is a Vietnamese American sexually fluid woman who is named after a Mexican liquor who would have been exactly what Hitler would have tried to rid during his time in power.

She is everything white Nationalists want to get rid of.

When she isn't tweeting pro-Nazi declarations, she is praising Donald Trump, fighting with invisible enemies, and bragging about superpowers.

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She called herself "Hitila," and wrote a post called "Why I Sympathize With Hitler: Part 1," in which she called him "not a bad person as they have painted him out to be."The reemergence of that image and those declarations caused her to be kicked off the popular UK show Celebrity Big Brother in 2015 after only a few days in the Big Brother house.After that, she gave birth to a daughter, Isabella.Two months after her apology to Celebrity Big Brother, Tequila posted a picture to Instagram of her daughter with a Hitler mustache.The woman who once had more than 1.7 million friends on Myspace, her own television show, and a self-help book has fallen from great heights, and she's making a living any way she can these days.If 2016 has taught us anything, it's that trolling on social media can take you to the most unexpected places — for one former reality star, that's a white supremacist conference; for another it's the White House.

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