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Make small nicks all over your chin and complain that you cut yourself while shaving.

Stare at your girlfriend's neck for a long time.18) Start speaking in archaic English and carry a skull wherever you go. Tell your girlfriend that the skull thinks she dresses funny.

This also has to be corrected for.[2] Second, the ratio of C in the atmosphere at that time to be estimated, and so partial calibration of the “clock” is possible.

Accordingly, carbon dating carefully applied to items from historical times can be useful.

The strength of the Earth's magnetic field affects the amount of cosmic rays entering the atmosphere.

Displayed here are the thoughts and rantings of the demi-Mortal known as Eddie G.

If she remarks on how silly you’re behaving, act affronted.If she does, constantly lament on how you miss running your fingers through her hair.Buy her a wig for her next birthday.4) Whenever your girlfriend asks you to do something, call home and ask a member of your family to consult your Magic 8-ball for you.Finally look up and ask, "how do you spell your name again? If she picks up, tell her you're just checking to see if she's awake. Seducing your date is very important in our relationship.

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